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Home Sales and Property Maintenance in Atlanta, Georgia

Count on the home sales and property maintenance services of Precision Property Group in Atlanta, Georgia, to maximize the value of your real estate investment.

Property Management
Our property management services cover residential single-family and multi-family homes as well as condominiums and apartments. Our turnkey operation includes leasing and maintenance services. After meeting with you and looking over your property, we provide you an estimate and then advertise, screen, and select tenants, and send you a check each month.

Our staff comes to your home and provide handyman services that maintain and improve the value of y
our property. We repair or upgrade your home, or provide any other service needed to get it up to code for rental.

House Deals, Property Maintenance in Atlanta, GA
Home Sales and Purchases
Our portfolio of homes to sell includes single-family and multi-family options. The homes don't go onto the market until we've made updates and repairs. For 98% of our homes, we upgrade the paint, flooring, fixtures, lighting, and carpet. A real estate agent buys homes for us so we can update and refurbish them to then put them back on the market in better, like-new condition.
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